Visual depictions of the word images presented in the Book of Revelation

A visual treat and beautifully made, Revealing Revelation is an ideal companion to help interpret the Apocalypse and end times as given to the Apostle John.

Do you wish you had been alongside the Apostle John to share the visions of Revelation? Maybe you find it difficult to picture the visions at all. This beautifully illustrated book helps stimulate imagination and insight when reading that special message from the Lord Jesus which promises to bless every reader. Photographer and illustrator, David J.Miles, doesn’t aim to explain the message, but presents depictions of what John might have seen. In doing so he explains how each image was produced and compares his results with the attempts of other illustrators – like Albrecht Dürer – who sought to fire the imagination of readers in years gone by. Revealing Revelation is not an end in itself but aims to encourage readers to look afresh at Revelation using all their faculties.

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What to expect from Revealing Revelation

Fourteen beautifully recreated images from the Book of Revelation, alongside the scripture text and a descriptive narrative of their creation and other artists who have done similar work.

Ezekiel and Daniel saw visions of wonder but none of the Old Testament prophets saw anything to compare with the prolonged visions given to the Apostle John in Patmos. These came from the Lord Jesus Christ himself and what John saw was full of visual detail, given without excessive explanation. The promised blessing is for those who read, hear and keep the words of “this revelation”.

What exactly did John see and why does this visual prophecy matter? There have been many attempts in the past to depict these images, notably in murals, engravings or illuminated manuscripts. Usually illustrations which accompany an exposition of the Apocalypse are limited to an artist’s impression of the beasts and the woman riding the scarlet beast. David Miles redresses the balance in this beautifully-presented book Revealing Revelation, the first word of the title being the key. David wants to help the reader visualise the images as a vital preliminary to understanding them. He does not set out to explain Revelation but using his experience in the visual arts David has examined the text of fourteen images with meticulous care before turning them into visual delights. In doing so he effectively draws the reader into something like the experience shared by the Apostle John.

This book will appeal to readers for very different reasons. People who like nicely produced books will love the way this large-format book has been professionally produced. Leave it on the coffee table and you can be sure to start a discussion about the Apocalypse. Readers who find Revelation hard going will be intrigued because David explains the lengths he went to so that the images could be produced.

Revealing Revelation can help to fire your imagination and bring you closer to the experience of the Apostle John.

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